Associate members of East Riding Artists.

Chris Attlesey

Chris practices in oils, acrylics and watercolour. He is an accomplished woodcarver currently involved in found steel items and welded works.

  • Telephone: 01262 675577

Valerie Bentley

“I am a self-taught artist painting in a wide range of styles. I particularly enjoy impressionism in oils, and seascapes are my favourite subject. My work is currently on display in Ferens Art Gallery and at Market Weighton.”

Joanne Blacker

“Living in the countryside inspires me to paint scenes in watercolour. My other love is pastel drawing, including farm animals, spaniels and portraits. I take commissions.”

  • Telephone: 01377 270228

Lotti Brown

“Digitised art from drawings, inspired by nature, flowers, animals and Celtic style. Also drawing and art online courses and free resources.”

Helen Costello

“Observation inspires my work, for example watching seabirds soar and bank on the updraft from Bempton Cliffs, or being aware of the tranquil beauty from the beach.”

Christine A. Cullum

“I am a maker with a passion for felted and woven textiles. Using natural luxury materials, I create one-off items of ‘art to wear’ and wall art.”

Pam Davies

"My sculpture is mainly figurative and explores what it means to be living at this time, in a world where money and status are often seen as more important than concern for others, the natural world and the planet."

  • Location: Beverley

  • Telephone: 07946 734723

  • Website:

Mary Dews

Mary trained as a graphic designer and loves children, animals and the countryside, capturing a moment inspired by light and reflections. Portraits and commissions to order.

Helen Dry

“A self-taught artist, I love and appreciate nature. The richness of fields, hedgerows and countryside provide endless inspiration. I specialise in acrylics and enjoy painting with watercolours.”

Jenny Elliott

“My inspiration is from the countryside and all forms of wildlife. I work in watercolours and mixed media and I enjoy painting British wild animals, birds and endangered animals from around the world.”

  • Location: Holme on Spalding Moor

  • Telephone: 07889546427

Selina Fennell

“I love to paint and experiment with mixed media. I still do animal portraits and will have a go at anything interesting and inspiring.”

Kate Gendle

“I love painting and drawing and experimenting with textiles, particularly in hand embroidery at the moment.”

  • Location: Dunswell

  • Telephone: 07751814959

Margaret Geraghty

“I produce landscapes paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds using acrylics, and pet/wildlife portraits in pastel pencil. As well as traditional media, I experiment with digital art.”

Alastair Gittens

 "I am a ceramic artist who paints a little. I joined Hull Art Circle in Hull. I have now found a love for doing watercolour work. I was asked by a friend to make a pot with legs. How difficult could that be? I have put together a collection of work hand-built and smoked in lockdown."

Lesley Anne Greene

Lesley hand-builds sculptures in clay inspired by animal themes in folk tales, song and personal encounters at home and abroad. Her works are stylised, expressive, unique and very collectible.

Claude Hargreaves

“I work mainly in acrylics, though am not averse to using oils and a palette knife. I specialise in portraiture and have undertaken various commissions of dogs and people.”

Lynda Heaton

“I enjoy painting a variety of subjects in pastel and watercolour, and experiment using these together with acrylic inks.”

  • Location: Foggathorpe

  • Telephone: 01757 282523 (Mobile: 07973818763)

Catherine E. Inglis SWA

"Pastel provides both texture and vibrancy to my work, producing a carefully detailed and painted style. Portraiture is my love, people and animals. I am a member of the Society of Women Artists and have won several awards in London exhibitions. Commissions welcome."

  • Location: Skirpenbeck, York

  • Telephone: 01759 372629

  • Website:

Joanne Pape

"I mainly use acrylic paints and have developed a semi-abstract style using palette knives."

    Terry Jones

    “I was curator at Leeds College of Art before moving to the East Riding, where I was inspired to paint acrylic landscapes and seascapes, often depicting Holderness and the coast.”

    Gwen Kitching

    “Wildlife and animal portrait artist, working in pastels, coloured pencils and graphite. I like to work in detail, creating realistic work to capture the beauty of the subject.”

    Angela Lambert-Dowell

    “My inspiration comes from what I see around me of our fragile yet amazing world. I work mainly in oils and enjoy painting the Yorkshire landscape.”

    • Telephone: 01430 431613

    Northmoor Arts (Jane Higgins)

    “I am a feltmaker working with Merino wool, silks, yarns, other fibres and embellishments to give depth and texture to my pictures, vessels and wearable artworks.”

    David Penn

    “I work mainly in acrylics. My landscapes often include figures and buildings, in the expressionist tradition and inspired by the Yorkshire coast. I run an acrylics course in Flamborough.”

    Colin Pollock

    “I paint to capture the beauty of how line, form, light and colour combine in the natural landscape. Working impressionistically, I leave evident brushmarks as an important aspect of my work.”

    Judith Pollock

    Mixed media and intaglio/relief printmaking inspired by the beauty and fragility of the natural and human-made world, and the spiritual dimensions of life.

    Helga Princz

    “My photography continues to focus on taking a closer look at nature, but using different techniques within digital photography to produce a different effect and mood."

    • Location: Driffield

    • Telephone: 01377 240274 (Mob: 07933 130027)

    • Website:

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